Tuesday, September 4, 2012

What's in store for tonight

Four years ago, this is what happened right after Michelle Obama's speech at the DNC in Denver.

I know Sasha stole the show. But I love how the more reserved Malia just kept wanting to get closer to her Daddy. They were SO excited to see him!

The girls are a bit older now so it will be fun to see how they respond to the spotlight this time.

There are all kinds of interesting speakers on tap for tonight. In addition to Michelle, San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro will give a keynote.

Prior to network coverage, Craig Robinson and Maya Soetoro-Ng - Michelle's brother and Barack's sister - will be speaking. And I'm excited because Minneapolis Mayor RT Rybak is up first during the 8-9 pm hour. Click through on that link to learn about the role he played in talking Obama into running for president.

I gotta feelin'...

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