Saturday, October 20, 2012

At least one Republican knows math

That one Republican would be Jeb Bush.
Sitting down across from me, he assumes his role as party Cassandra, warning of the day when the Republicans’ failure to tap an exploding Hispanic population will cripple its chances at reclaiming power—starting in Texas, the family seat of the House of Bush.

“It’s a math question,” he tells me. “Four years from now, Texas is going to be a so-called blue state. Imagine Texas as a blue state, how hard it would be to carry the presidency or gain control of the Senate.”
I gotta admit...I'm dreaming of a blue Texas :-)


  1. Wow, only four years? Jeb's sniffing something good if he believes he can be president. There's serious head trauma if he thinks he can moderate the party. It's time to put the GOP on time out.


  2. I think it will take longer than four years, but it's bound to happen eventually.

    Btw, an acquaintance of mine, a Texan and lifelong Republican, announced yesterday that he is going to vote for Obama this year because "that other guy is just too scary."


  3. Texas isn't going blue if Jeb Bush is on the ticket. But it will happen eventually, and he's right, a blue Texas snatches the reins of power away from the GOP for a very long time.