Saturday, October 20, 2012

It's all about the ground game, baby!

 You wanna know how we win this thing? Here's how. final factor matters more than all the rest in a close race: ground game.

It’s the ability to get your voters to the polls—a way of moving soft support into actual votes.
We don't need no steenkin' poll to tell us who's winning that game.

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The latest WaPo/ABC poll captured the difference these efforts are making.
More swing-state voters say President Obama’s campaign has contacted them in the past month than have heard from Mitt Romney’s campaign, and a new Washington Post-ABC News poll finds Obama leading by a whopping 40 percentage-point margin among voters contacted by an Obama representative. Romney leads by just 16 points among voters reporting contact with his campaign.
A couple of weeks ago Jim Messina said "We're going to make 2008 on the ground look like Jurassic Park."

If you're not part of this already, better get involved or miss history in the making.

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