Saturday, November 3, 2012

No Commentary Required 11/3/12

As we head in to the home stretch, here are a few stories that tickled my fancy (I love that phrase).

When it comes to the delusion I just wrote about, one of James Fallows readers sees a more nefarious strategy at work.
It is clear that should Obama win in a couple of weeks, the right will need to portray that not as the American people choosing the other guy and his priorities/worldview, but as something fishy, possibly corrupt, and certainly illegitimate. That job will be all the easier if a foundation has been built in the political narrative that Romney was winning all along. requires an underestimation of Rovian thought to dismiss the possibility that delegitimization is a conscious strategy of the right, and that the momentum narrative is a part of it.

Have I said lately how much I love Ta-Nehisi Coates? He has a few words for the guys who are going after Nate Silver by suggesting he is "a thin and effeminate man with a soft-sounding voice."
Look, I'm nobody's tough guy. But as someone who spent a significant portion of my life seeking ways to not get punched in the face, it's really amazing how much interaction -- even now -- boils down to, as Chris Rock would say, "Can you kick my ass?"

I agree with BooMan, who finds himself agreeing with Charles Krauthammer (what????)
Obama’s intention has always been to re-normalize, to reverse ideological course, to be the anti-Reagan — the author of a new liberal ascendancy. Nor did he hide his ambition. In his February 2009 address to Congress he declared his intention to transform America. This was no abstraction. He would do it in three areas: health care, education and energy.

Mike Lofgren - the author of this bombshell - has a few words for the purists in which he sounds awfully Niebuhrian.
...citizenship demands that you get your hands dirty and consent to compromises that are sometimes repellent. In 28 years on Capitol Hill, I did not see a foreign policy carried out by presidents of either party that did not have elements that were morally repugnant, fraudulent, hypocritical, or all three. Citizens must get their hands dirty nevertheless. The alternative is to cease to be a citizen and let others do the work. I am certain they would be happy to oblige.

And finally - just for laughs. Would you say that this pretty well captures where our Republican friends are these days?

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