Friday, February 1, 2013

So Much Fail (updated)

Wasn't it merely weeks ago that the Republican efforts to smear UN Ambassador Susan Rice were being seen by some as an evil plot to steer President Obama away from nominating her to be Secretary of State and force him to chose Sen. John Kerry instead - opening up the MA Senate seat for a shoe-in by Scott Brown?

And weren't some of those people the same one's who said President Obama caved to the smear - once again showing his lack of "balls" - by nominating Kerry?


Today, according to our new Secretary of State John Kerry, President Obama offered him the job a week before Susan Rice withdrew her name from consideration.

And, according to reports, Scott Brown isn't going to run for the open seat.

Remember this one next time prognosticators try to get you all riled up with this kind of nonsense. Its only value is in delivering eyeballs to the TV screen and clicks on a blog. If you ignore it, your blood pressure will likely thank you - all while you'll end up looking like less of a fool than these folks who are so often wrong.

P.S. Along these same lines, I'd also caution against totally buying the word about Scott Brown until we hear it directly from him.

UPDATE: The reports about Scott Brown not running have been confirmed.

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  1. That's why I go to the orange place a lot less often than I used to: so much fail.



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