Wednesday, May 15, 2013

This pretty much sums it all up

I just finished reading around the internet to get caught up on the news I missed while being busy with other things. Having done so, I'm too tired and pissed to write much. But I did want to post this quote from Kevin Drum that I think sums up this whole news cycle pretty well.
...Benghazi is still the nothingburger it's always been, and everyone knows it; the DOJ episode is a policy debate, not a scandal; and it's vanishingly unlikely that Obama had even the most tenuous connection to the IRS targeting of tea party groups, the only genuine scandal in the bunch.
But apparently the village idiots of the D.C. media have decided to use all of this nonsense as an excuse to wage war on President Obama because he hasn't adequately stroked their oversized egos.

Please proceed, media idiots. I'm sticking with these guys!


  1. Amen sister.


  2. I've tuned the nonsense out lately. If the tv's on and I hear Bengazi, IRS, AP, scandal, and 2016 I find something better. Thankfully, I have the NBA playoffs and Netflix. So no news is good news. The president's got this.


    1. Vic78 I am so with you. I have listened to more Adele on my computer than I have in months.

    2. I've done the same. Did so even before the recent crap.

      The only thing I'm curious about is how the rest of the general public is reacting to the hysteria in the media. Are they buying into the idea that Obama's administration stinks, or do they think it is just a lot of hot air, or are they even aware that is going on enough to try and figure out how they should feel about it?

      Political scandals often look huge to those who pay a lot of attention to politics, but then turn out to be surprisingly non-events for a lot of the rest of the world.

  3. Thanks, Ms. Smartypants. You have expressed what I've been thinking in this post. All of these "scandals" are meant to help the GOP in 2014 and 2016. What these "journalists" at Politico and republicans in Congress fail to realize is that a majority of us don't view these GOP-created "scandals" as real scandals at all. That the president doesn't kiss the behinds of members of Congress on both sides of the aisle, and the behinds of D.C. pundits, journalists, and socialites, is a plus for him, imo. I think it's great that he doesn't socialize with them. If he did, they'd smile in his face, then stab him in his back. This is what happened after he met with the right-leaning journalists at the beginning of his first term. They say they found him very likeable, then proceeded to find the sharpest knives they could to cut him to pieces. President Obama is a fast learner, and if they thought he was going to try to be best buddies with them after that, it was a huge mistake. He has always said that he didn't go to D.C. to make friends but to do the work of the people. Lowering himself down into this nest of vipers would have compromised his integrity. He knew the lies wouldn't stop if he invented them over to the WH for tea and crumpets, so he decided to keep them at arm's length and do what he was elected to do. Now they are having a sad because it's finally dawning on them that they are not the center of his world.