Monday, June 3, 2013


It has always seemed to me that David Plouffe is more "no drama Obama" than the man himself. I think there's a very good reason why these two men have become the most effective political team of the modern era...they are so much alike.

And so what does it say about this team when Plouffe tweets this after Darrell Issa called Jay Carney a "paid liar?"
Its fairly reminiscent of what AG Holder said to Issa a couple of weeks ago.
"It is inappropriate and too consistent with the way in which you conduct yourself as a member of Congress," the attorney general said. "It is unacceptable. And it's shameful."
I think perhaps the counterpunchers have had enough. Time to "crush them."


  1. There is so much crap spewed out everyday, I was surprised when I saw that.But he is so right. This is all a bunch of BS, but the media keeps it up. President Obama, hit them in the face at the WHPCD and they are not happy. I would like Issa hit with a big scandal and ethics complaint. But Boehner & his crow hold all the cards for now. Can't California get rid of this pc of crap? Dreaming.

    1. All it would take is for the media to talking about Issa's shady past and to start sniffing around Issa's past associates, and -- voila! -- they'd have a shiny new sensational story to bat around for a bit. I'd love for Issa's story to become the big sensational "twist" and journalistic "get" for the media to obsess over for a while. It couldn't happen to a more deserving guy. >;-D


    2. Remember that Darrell Issa is from Orange County - the home of the quasi-rich, not so subversively racist (remember Rodney King) and utterly vapid. So, the reason why this ignorant douche bag with money keeps getting back to Congress - is because his constituents are also ignorant douche bags with money.

      Just a thought -

  2. Plouffe the Magic Dragon.

  3. To LA Coincidental -- I agree that Issa is an ignorant douche. As a correction though, he's from San Diego County, not Orange County. Also, Rodney King was beaten in LA and his case was tried in Simi Valley, which is part of greater Los Angeles County, not Orange County.

  4. I'd love to buy President Obama a beer and have him tell me what he wants to say about these gnats but can't say because of his office. I know he can bring the snark.

  5. Plouffe was the perfect one to smack this clown down. Brilliant, no longer connected to the WH! Boy was it ever a good smack!