Sunday, April 27, 2014


Rest is the conversation between what we love to do and how we love to be. Rest is the essence of giving and receiving...To rest is to give up on the already exhausted will as the prime motivator of endeavor, with its endless outward need to reward itself through established goals. To rest is to give up on worrying and fretting and the sense that there is something wrong with the world unless we are there to put it right; to rest is to fall back literally or figuratively from outer targets and shift the goal not to an inner static bulls eye, an imagined state of perfect stillness, but to an inner state of natural exchange.

The template of natural exchange is the breath, the autonomic giving and receiving which is the basis and the measure of life itself. We are rested when we are a living exchange between what lies inside and what lies outside, when we are an intriguing conversation between the potential that lies in our imagination and the possibilities for making that internal image real in the world; we are rested when we let things alone and let ourselves alone, to do what we do best, breathe as the body intended us to breathe, to walk as we were meant to walk...

- David Whyte


  1. Morning, SP! Every time you share from David Whyte I vow to go and visit his site/poetry more often, and every time after my initial visit I forget until the next time. /shrug - I'm really not good at following all the new paths opened up to me because I follow some who follow PBO. (See, it's all PBO's fault, as usual.)

    Anyways, I popped in early today because I spotted this Jay Smooth clip on twitter re Sterling/race. I'm sure you remember his previous race vid.

    1. Thanks for the Jay Smooth clip. I ALWAYS listen to what he has to say!

  2. Oh, my. I read David Whyte's words and could feel my being collapse in relief. What a gift they are, and I appreciate your sharing them, Nancy. And VC, thanks for the link. I enjoy his videos and forget to seek them out. I needed this!


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