Monday, March 1, 2021

Quick Takes: Elections Matter

Here's what happened on Twitter today that caught my eye.

Amazon employees in Alabama will hold a vote on whether to unionize. President Biden released a powerful statement. 

I love Sen. Brian Schatz on Twitter. Do you see what he did here?
Biden has been president for about a month now. Time for a recap. Here's just one of those accomplishments. As SCOTUS prepares to hear a voting rights case, Ari Berman does a good round-up. Here's the antidote. DHS Secretary Mayorkas joined Press Secretary Psaki for her briefing today. Everyone who is setting their hair on fire about Biden's response to undcomented child migrants needs to listen up. Elie Mystal said what Mayorkas couldn't.

 Finally, I'm sorta loving this.

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  1. Thanks!
    I avoid the tweets, so it's good to have someone else keeping an eye (or two) on things.
    And yes, Pete biking to work (I presume he has a leg band on his left leg) is great. That way his driver can run more errands ;)


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