Friday, March 2, 2012

Why Limbaugh went after Sandra Fluke

My gawd, I don't want to recount all the ugliness Rush Limbaugh let loose against Sandra Fluke's testimony before the House Democratic Committee on contraception. Let it suffice that it made me sick. And the truth is - he's loving every minute of the outraged attention he's getting as a result, so it goes against my grain to give him the satisfaction of talking about it.

But this morning I took a minute to actually read Fluke's testimony. To do that is to understand at an even deeper level just how sick and twisted of a person Rush Limbaugh happens to be.

As you probably know by now, Limbaugh has gone on a couple of days rant about what a whore and prostitute Ms. Fluke must be for all the sex she and her friends are having that requires birth control. The thing is...Ms. Fluke NEVER ONCE mentioned the need for contraception as a result of having consensual sex. Her examples of the women who have suffered as a result of their lack of access included the following:

* Two women who had polycystic ovarian syndrome
* One woman who had endometriosis
* One woman who had been raped

What kind of sick twisted mind takes that kind of testimony and turns it into a days long rant about women as whores and prostitutes? The truth is - I can't imagine and am really not interested in going there.

But this stuff gets personal with me. I've used a couple of different kinds of birth control at three different points in my life for medical reasons. The first time was the most traumatic because I was only 13 years old and was so anemic from menstrual bleeding that I had to have blood transfusions. The birth control pill was what finally stopped the bleeding. I don't know what options would have been available back in 1967, but my feeling has always been that it saved my life.

That is but one story that these neanderthals like Limbaugh don't want to hear from the millions of other women around this country who have experienced the same kind of thing.

Of course there's the other side to all this that begs the question of what right people have to tell women they shouldn't have sex. There is a whole other story to be told about where that kind of sick thinking comes from.

But that wasn't the story Ms. Fluke told at the hearing. So Limbaugh's rant says much more about his diseased mind than it does about anything else.


  1. I posted on HuffPo about Limbaugh's crap, in response to a woman who worried that Limbaugh's ratings were going up. It bears repeating:

    "It does not increase his ratings. It only barely maintains them. He has been the server to the rabid carnivorous segment of the population so long that he HAS to keep saying these things. He apparently had a disasterous drop in ratings during the 1st quarter of 2011, but I can't find anything more recent than that.

    His audience base is dwindling because they are mostly dying and finding other places to get their blood sport. Ron Paul has a bunch of people that moved from Limbaugh to Paul, and now can't stand to even hear his voice.”

  2. I've never mistaken Limbaugh for a decent person. What really sickens me is his audience. They have to be the most depraved people in the country.


    1. Good point - thanks. I need anything that will help me take the spotlight off of that attention whore.

  3. I blogged [reluctantly] as well on this today. I didn't want to give this swine the attention he so desperately craves. But at the same time, I thought he should be exposed for the anti-woman creep that he is.

    1. Good piece!

      My only critique is that comparing Limbaugh to a pig might be an insult to the pig.

      Pigs naturally wallow in dirt and garbage. I don't for one minute think that's how humans are designed. It indicates a sickness that is sometimes beyond my comprehension.

    2. Ms Pants, I'm surprised and disappointed! Pigs DO NOT wallow in garbage unless forced to by having too small a pen.

      Pigs are among the cleanest of animals when allowed to have enough room and a mud wallow. The mud wallow, BTW is to prevent attacks from flies and help in cooling. Pigs can only "sweat" passive interchange, like dogs.

      In no way shape or form should pigs be compared to Limbaugh. Rather, compare Rushbo to domesticated Turkeys. Completely stupid and very proud of themselves.

    3. Thanks for defending pigs, DerFarm. I echo. Pigs are very clean.

  4. It is Women's History Month. It would be nice to see Women unite push back on these issues around Reproductive Justice. However, I hope a broader view is taken because as an AA woman, not only do I and others need access to control our own reproduction, but we also need empathy surrounding areas when and if we choose to have children...early childhood education, a living wage, equitable school environment, access to nutritional food, etc. Let's take care of the Whole Woman, not just the uterus.

    Good piece as usual!

    1. Good to see you princss6!

      I'm SO with you on that Whole Woman thing! That's part of what keeps me jumping too much on the current bandwagon. I've long been frustrated that "women's rights" have been reduced to "reproductive rights."

  5. Anybody remember seeing Sean Hannity getting outraged--outraged!--when a guest on his show questioned whether health insurance should cover Viagra? That is a serious medical condition, he said. Of course it must be covered.

    In other words, all men must have the right to engage in whatever sexual activities they choose, casual or otherwise. Women, on the other hand, traditionally fall into two categories, the "good girls" who don't, and the sluts, who do. Men definitely want the bad girls who are willing to engage in casual sex to be available, but they also want to treat them like dirt in public.

    I say so what if Sandra Fluke or any other woman uses birth control pills because they might want to have sex once in a while but would prefer not to get pregnant. If we believe in true equality for women, it's not enough to make the argument that birth control pills have other legitimate medical uses, although of course they do. We have to stop stigmatizing women who want the same sexual freedoms as men have. We have to stand up for the bad girls too!

  6. Limbaugh knows damn well all about birth control but you have to remember he is preaching to his listeners the "Dittoheads" who he counts on as being clueless. His whole goal is to agitate these idiots to raise a ruckus and vote Republican. Press still report his listeners to total around 20 million but I believe this number has fallen off in recent years.

  7. DerFarm

    You're spot on about pigs. I was raised on a farm. When allowed to have enough room, Pigs are very clean. They only poop on one side of the pen. We use to walk show pigs to help build up their muscle and once back from the walk, they go straight back to their pen. :)

  8. But that wasn't the story Ms. Fluke told at the hearing. So Limbaugh's rant says much more about his diseased mind than it does about anything else.

    I read the 52 smears Rush made against Sandra Fluke and it's unbelievable how this slug smeared her. And asking of her to post videos? He need to be sued to the knees. Disgusting flithy slime sucking up oxygen.... including his audience.

  9. should be "filthy" slime. And I mean filthy too. 20 years spewing hateful rhetoric to the ignoramus clowns. Enough!