Sunday, September 9, 2012

"Best President for Indian Country" in history

If you have even an ounce of compassion for what this country has done to the Native people of this land, then you know what a big deal this is:
Cherokee Nation Principal Chief Bill John Baker is here to help nominate President Barack Obama for a second term, and he doesn't hold anything back in his praise for the president.

Obama, Baker said here Tuesday, “is the best president for Indian Country in the history of the United States.”

Through the years, Indian tribal chiefs have met a lot of U.S. presidents, but the meetings with Obama have been more than just superficial photo opportunities, Baker said.

“This president has made promises to Indian Country, and he's kept them,” Baker said. “He is a promise keeper. And that needs to be recognized and rewarded.”
I don't know about you, but that one brought a tear to my eyes. Chief Baker knows far better than I do that the wounds we have inflicted on Native Americans will be a long time in healing. But I suspect that the first step in that journey would be to start keeping our promises.

There's not much this President has done that makes me prouder than this one.


  1. This has been under the radar--the EmoProgs sure as hell don't mention it. Yet it's just more proof that this President has been doing a lot more progressive things that he has been given credit for.

    You would think that with all of the info available to us, this would be all over the 'Net on many liberal sites. Sadly, it is not.

    1. As I was writing this I contemplated some snarky remark directed at those idiots who continue to claim that there's no difference between Obama and Bush. Of course they don't ever disturb their precious minds with information like this.

      But then there's also a part of me that - when I see things like this - realizes how incredibly insignificant they are in the scheme of things.

    2. Emoprogs haven't mentioned it because not only do emoprogs not care about Indian Country, they think that Indians no longer exist.

  2. My Grandmother would be very happy about this, a bit overdue though it is.