Monday, September 10, 2012

Two great myths about this election in the process of being shattered

I am often not so critical of the news media for having a left or right bias. What I do want to criticize them for is being lazy. What tends to happen is that conventional wisdom takes hold and then becomes the basis for reporting regardless of the actual facts on the ground.

That's why, early on in this campaign, I questioned two great myths about this campaign: (a) this election would be all about the economy - and ONLY the economy, and (b) that the Citizens United decision would increase the impact money has on politics.

On the first one, lets just note that over the last few months there have been raging debates about women's reproductive health, medicare, health care reform, welfare, etc. Yes, the economy is still struggling and is still the backdrop for much of the discussion. But Republicans had hoped that all they'd have to do is talk about that, blame it on President Obama, and they'd have a sure path to victory. But that isn't working out so well for them and they seem totally confused about why.

On the money issue, its clear that Romney/Ryan and their SuperPACs have more of it than they know what to do with. The trouble is, they decided early on to forgo spending much of it on a ground game, thinking it was best to use it all on ad buys. Any young child with a remote, internet, pay-per-view, TIVO and/or streaming could have told them that people don't watch TV ads anymore - especially not in a swing state during a political campaign.

Remember that ad Obama's SuperPAC made about the Bain employee who's wife died of cancer? It is probably the most viewed and talked about ad of this campaign. But no one ever paid a penny to run that ad anywhere. People saw it on the news or online.

What we have to remember is that money in elections doesn't equal votes. It can only attempt to influence voters. No matter how much money the 1%ers have, they only get one vote each - just like us.

President Obama made a huge gamble 4 years ago betting on the idea that millions of us giving small amounts of money and large amounts of sweat equity could combat the 1%ers. And it worked! That's even more true this time around. Once again, it's working! Let's keep at it and bring this baby home. In other words, let's show the media and the Republicans what they can do with their lazy-assed myths!

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  1. "No matter how much money the 1%ers have, they only get one vote each - just like us."

    Exactly. This is not a fundraising contest or an election for a condo HOA board.

    Some commentors on the orange thingy are paranoid about what the Romney campaign will do with all that money -- manipulate voting machines, hire thugs to keep people from voting, "make Europe implode," launch an October surprise (find the whitey tape?).

    Couldn't it be that the money is simply poorly spent? Couldn't the campaign simply be incompetent?