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Remembering Paul and Sheila

I was 10 years old when JFK was assassinated. I remember the day well. One of the questions my young mind asked as I watched the coverage on TV was why people were crying over the death of a politician. Thirty-eight years later I understood. On October 25th that year, Paul and Sheila Wellstone were killed in a plane crash. I heard the news in the lunch room at work and ran to my office to listen to reports on the radio. I cried my eyes out. Like many Minnesotans, I had the pleasure of meeting Paul and Sheila. But I can't say I was close to them. I just loved who they were and what they stood for. I knew the world was a bit darker place for their loss. I still shed a few tears every year on this anniversary. That happened today especially as I read a tribute to Paul that was written 3 years ago by Ezra Klein. Here's just a bit of it. Wellstone's populism was not an affectation, or a political posture. It was laced into the fabric of his personality. It's what mad

I love this picture!