About Me

I'm a pragmatic progressive whose writing is influenced by a long journey out of conservative Christian fundamentalism, as well as my professional experience as a family therapist and nonprofit executive.

Through those experiences, I honed my skills as an original thinker who looks beneath the surface, gravitates towards the hard questions, and challenges conventional wisdom.

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  1. I've been meaning to write a note of appreciation. I began to notice your contributions to WM's Political Animal a few months ago. Your opinions are always fresh and intelligent. Several times, I think, I've reacted to something you've written by saying to myself, "That's the best thing I've read over the last few days."

  2. I completely agree with the comment above. I find myself looking forward to weekends at Political Animal. Political Animal is one of the best and most intelligent blogs around and one of the few that I can still stand to read regularly.

  3. Hi. I chanced upon your insightful essays when I was so closely following the reaction to Obama's Charleston speech and after googling to find more voices, I found yours. Since then I have read your blog consistently, and many times I have thought to write a note of appreciation. In your bio you mention that you "gravitate towards the hard questions," and I admire that and you almost always bring fresh insight. I love when you describe a current event and then enlarge the conversation with a relevant quote from King (Letter from Birmingham Jail) or Obama (Selma, just months ago).

    I look forward to following you in these most interesting times. And I have just begun following Political Animal, and when "Brother Benen" wan mentioned I knew I was right at home.

  4. Just heard that you will take over from Ed Kikgore - congratulations!! I've been a fan and follower of yours for some time and I'm really looking forward to your work.

  5. I navigated here from the Washington Monthly. You are one of just a couple of people whose take on the world I look forward to reading every day. Your blog will be another place I check in often.

  6. Nancy,

    This holiday season I just want to pass along a thank you for your blogging contributions at Washington Monthly. I have appreciated the even-keel, reasoned posts that you have put together. You're one of the main reasons I donated to WaMo. Thanks so much, and I look forward to reading your work in the months and years to come.

    1. Thanks Tom - for both the compliment and the donation :-)


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