Monday, March 14, 2011

Open - by David Whyte

It is a small step to remember
how life led to this
moment's hesitation.

How the door to the deeper world
opens, letting the body fall at last,
toward the few griefs it can call its own.

Oh yes, I know. Our wings catch fire
in that downward flight
and we come to earth afraid
we can never fly again.

But then we always knew
heaven would be a desperate place.
Everything you desired coming
in one fearful moment
to greet you.

Your full presence only in rest
and the love that asks nothing.
The rest where you lie down
and are no longer found at all.


  1. David, the door is so wide open and the room looks so pristine that I'd be hesitant to enter. I also wouldn't want to step in and then (be the first to) fall.

  2. Oh ho! While travelling away from the site, it occurred to me that 'David' was not a guest poster, but the poet. Apologies, SP, I admit I'm often not the sharpest knife in the drawer.


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