Monday, April 18, 2011

"Its like a fourth-inning analysis of a nine-inning game"

That's a quote from WH Communications Director Dan Pfeiffer in an article by Andrew Romano titled From Wimp to Winner.

How to explain the gap between what lefties feared Obama's speech would be and what it actually was? One interpretation is that after a long, lily-livered lull, the president finally decided to man up. But the truth is more complex. Whatever your opinion of Obama, "weakness" is not a particularly illuminating description of his leadership style. It makes more sense to see him as a hard-nosed pragmatist determined to maximize results. When liberals whine, says White House Communications Director Dan Pfeiffer, it's like "a fourth-inning analysis of a nine-inning game."

It sounds a lot like what many of us have been saying about Obama and his long game for some time now.

The whole article by Romano is worth a read. Thanks to The Obama Diary for the tip.

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