Saturday, May 14, 2011


From the Seattle Times: Atheist offering post-Rapture care for pets left behind.

In 2009, Bart Centre launched Eternal Earth-Bound Pets USA. Centre guarantees that if or when the Rapture comes he or one of his 44 contractors in 26 states, including Washington, will drive to your home within 24 hours, collect your pet, and adopt it...

The cost is $135, plus $20 per additional animal. Payable upfront, of course, and good for 10 years.

Apparently, the guy has over 250 suckers clients (that's almost $34,000!). Wonder if he's selling franchises?


  1. I love this. Jeez, why can't I come up with ideas like this?

  2. Robbie,

    I knew you'd enjoy that one.


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