Thursday, June 23, 2011

"It's not about us now - its about them"

From left to right: Leslie Robinson, Malia Obama, Archbishop Tutu, Michelle Obama, Sasha Obama, and Avery Robinson

My title is a quote from Michelle Obama today when she met with Archbishop Desmond Tutu in Cape Town South Africa. He asked her, "What do you feel? How are you feeling being here?" Her response was that its all about them - gesturing to her two daughters, niece and nephew.

The First Lady had teamed up with Archbishop Tutu for a youth outreach event at the World Cup soccer stadium to spread the word about HIV/AIDS and to encourage young people's participation in sports to stay healthy.

There were some wonderful fun moments captured on film.

WOW - if he can do it - certainly this old lady (moi) can.

Fist bumps all around.

And of course - hugs!

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