Sunday, June 19, 2011

My first thoughts about Netroots Nation (updated)

I am sleep-deprived and pretty brain dead after spending 3 1/2 days at Netroots Nation. But I wanted to put down a few thoughts about the experience. I felt everything from joyful celebration to extreme frustration. As I rest and recuperate, I'm going to try to find some themes for the later that I can talk about...they're probably jumbled and too fresh to address at this point. But I can share a few of the joys.

First and foremost was the speech delivered by Van Jones on Saturday. I haven't been able to find a video of the whole thing, but will definitely post it later if I do. Here's how he ended it:

It was perhaps linked to sleep-deprivation, but I can tell you that overall I was moved to tears by this speech. One of the people I "hung" with throughout the conference is a Daily Kos blogger who goes by the screen name shanikka. She ran into Van after the speech and had the opportunity to tell him that she appreciated how he managed to channel both Malcolm and MLK all in one speech and bring it all together.

My thought was that he's the perfect book-end for President Obama. While Obama has to work within the confines of elected office and our democratic institutions, Van can be the activist organizer. What a team!!!!!

The other joy was the small but amazing group of people I spent most of my time with. We raged and laughed and learned from each other. The hearts are large and the brains are gifted. Here's a peak at the few times I thought to get out my camera.

Deoliver47 and shanikka

UPDATE: I guess Common Sense Mainer holds the title of "Best Hugger at Netroots Nation." This year he got a challenge from Deoliver47. Here is evidence of the hug-off.

The picture is a bit blurry because Deoliver brought her secret weapon...rocking. But there are no losers when it comes to hugging, are there?


  1. Hi SP
    I am so glad you went. I needed an unjaundiced eye to report back on the real happenings. I admit that DKOS has spoiled me for any and all of their undertakings. I know there were some positives there but the negative were there too. I allow them to make me so angry. Looking forward to your next comments. Thanks for all you do . I am constantly putting you up on Twitter so others can know you too.

  2. Ms. Pants

    Welcome Back!!

    Looking forward to the relaying of your experiences and thots.

  3. Thanks you two.

    I had a nap and feel a bit more human now. Deoliver and I had trouble interrupting the conversation long enough to go to bed at night - and it was up bright and early every morning to get started again. The girl can talk!!!!! And I wanted to soak up every minute.

    Yes Smilingl8dy - the frustrations were multitude. I just wrote something else about one particularly bad moment for me. But I hope I can eventually use all of that to gain some perspective.

  4. (scribe here) I too am looking forward to reading more of your thoughts, once you get rested up. The bits and pieces I've picked up from other news and blog sites seemed to focus on how the Netroots is SO disillusioned with Obama.That, plus fighting off so much ugliness in so many threads on Dkos duing this past week, has left me pretty disheartened.

  5. That crowd gives you a lot to be disillusioned about. My struggle is the question on what to do about it. I kept telling people that I won't go back to DK unless I can answer 2 questions:

    1. Does what folks there think really matter?
    2. Does any of the conversation there actually get us anywhere with them? It feels like a brick wall to me and I just got tired of hitting my head against it in what seemed to be a pointless battle.

    I pondered those questions while I was with them this week. I still don't have definitive answers, but I don't think I'm very inclined to return.

  6. :)

    Great pics and was was better was to get to hang out with you!

  7. Dee

    Thanks for stopping by.

    My favorite is that first one of you and shanikka. That's a lot of power packed into one photo!!

  8. I love it.

    Am still sleepy from our late nights. :)

  9. I had to leave work early yesterday to go home and sleep. I just wasn't functioning. Its better today, but I'm still moving pretty slow.


    It was worth every minute of lost sleep!!

  10. Thanks for posting all the pics and hanging with us Smartypants!!! It was an honor to spend time with you and you left me very very inspired with your work and your commitment!


  11. Shanikka - you got the message. Great!

    I wanted to make sure you got to see these pics. If you or Dee want me to email any of them to you, just let me know. My email is in my profile page here.

    And believe me...the honor was all mine!


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