Friday, July 8, 2011

Be Not Afraid

In my post below about our addiction to polarization, Scribe left a comment in which she talked about the Obama's knowing what they were taking on when they started this journey and the courage it took to do so.

It immediately reminded me of this introduction Michelle gave for Barack way back in August 2007 in Iowa. I know the decision to get into the presidential race was still fresh on her mind. And anyone that paid attention knew that she wrestled with a lot of fears about what doing so would mean for Barack and their was personal. There is a fierceness to her as she talks about this that we don't often see.

"The reason why I said yes was because I am tired of being afraid."


  1. Mo'nin', Ms. Pants

    And, there was teleprompter none! Ahhh, yes...."Stokely Carmichael in a dress" (insert eye-roll here). I have and still do say to people that if you have ANY understanding about what you're looking at and a feeling from her - and, to me, it's VERY plain to see - that tells you pretty much everything you need to know about him. Which is why I posted what I did a bit ago regarding this stupid comment made by Juan Williams to Bill O'Reilly.

    Indeed, Ms. Pants. Be NOT Afraid. And, not only that....

    You have just been on a BLAZE since Netroots. I just can't wait to get to your site to see what you're putting up next. You know I LOVED your "Systems" post, and, to me, you are saying in any number of ways to NOT be afraid. Change is HARD. Change takes TIME. There ARE setbacks. PATIENCE is required. ENDURANCE is a necessity.

    You, perhaps, noted the cacaphony over at TOAITR yesterday. This began, nationally as I see it, over rumor re: SS and Medicare and a jobs report that shows, though slowly right now, that the economy, actually continues to grow and add jobs (so the Republicans say: 'So, since the REALLY rich make jobs out of the kindness of their hearts, let's not piss 'em off by raising taxes'.)

    For me, being, literally, a Civil Rights child has me scratching my head as I watch any number of people contract the vapors. Even PM is a bit wobbly today. Al G. is SO right. And, not only that....

    This is unfolding exACTly the way PBO said it would in his speech in Grant Park (which is something else we could stand to be reminded of from time to time). He told us all - THEN.

    We are witnessing a true transformational President. And, you continue to think and write beautifully about any number of the aspects of change on this level.

    Thank you, Ms. Pants.

    As I said to you a while back and it's becoming more clear by the day...

    You're needed.

  2. So glad to hear from you again Blackman!!!!!

    And you've given my some ideas for perhaps a couple of posts today.

    The connection between the Civil Rights movement and a grounding in endurance is, I think, profound. Thank you!

  3. You are just QUITE welcome, Ms. Pants. Also...

    One of my fav posters, Ms. Tally (girlfriend LOVES FUTBOL) apparently, was up bright and early, dropped in here and now this clip is up at TOD to start the day as well (with props to you and Tally, both. Ms. Chip is just quite good like that).

    Pleased to provide profundity as well. I will admit that I'm kind'a chucklin' as I type this. I could certainly go on and on about it but just consider...

    Amongst other things that we've had to contend with - and this comes under the heading of justice served - was the promise that, post Brown, schools would be desegregated with: "all deliberate speed".

    Think you know how speedy the "deliberate speed" was.

    Oh, yes...

    I would not, nor would your recent house guest, be "talking" with nor visiting you were it not for this kind of grounding.

    We are standing on the efforts and sacrifices of MANY who have come before (and a number of them were white).

    "We are the ones we have been waiting for".

    We, again for many of us, are being called upon to contribute our share to make this place a: "more perfect union".

    Shall we whoop, yell,pout and proclaim how "disappointed" we are that the black guy hasn't done enough for us? Or...

    Shall we in an organized approach, which is how change on this level is pretty much ALWAYS done (and that includes wrestling with the difficulties), do our share of the heavy lifting?

  4. Perfect example...deliberate speed. I was born the year before Brown vs Board of Education. My high school in Texas didn't de-segregate until 1971.

    And folks want to climb all over "the fierce urgency of now" when things don't happen in a few months.



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