Monday, July 4, 2011

When the going gets tough..."Celebrate Love"

Do you ever find yourself weighted down by the cacophony of noise that often passes for our political discourse? I do. And that's when I head over to Colorlines to check out their Celebrate Love series. Their goal is to end ever day as often as possible with an uplifting story of the human spirit. You can find stories like this one about Danny Goldfield.

For the past eight years, photographer Danny Goldfield has been on an ambitious mission that could probably only take place in the Big Apple. He is taking portraits of a child from every single country in the world, and who are currently living in New York City...

Goldfield was inspired by a Sikh man he met in Arizona whose brother was killed in a 9/11 hate crime, and then lost another brother to murder in 2002. The man responded to their deaths by trying to reach out to his neighbors, and getting to know them in order to reduce the danger to his family and community. Goldfield felt that bringing people together was a great way to make the world a safer place, and was struck with the idea for the project.

Park51 Community Center (known to critics as the “ground zero mosque”) is fundraising to exhibit NYChildren beginning on the International Day of Peace in September. Organizers say they want to “create a physical space that reminds us to be in touch with something greater than ourselves, the unity in community and love of neighbors.”

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