Thursday, August 25, 2011

Did you hear the one about "Democrats" predicting a third party candidacy in 2012

"Democratic" pollsters writing in Murdoch's Wall Street Journal:

The United States is in the midst of what we would both call a prerevolutionary moment, and there is widespread support for fundamental change in the system. An increasing number of Americans are now searching beyond the two parties for bold and effective leadership.

They're oh so balanced in combining this...

There are now rumblings from Donald Trump, a former contender for the Republican nomination, that he may run as an independent. There are certain to be others.

...with this:

These findings are consistent with what we learned from a series of in-depth focus groups conducted by Patrick Caddell with nearly 100 Americans across the country—of every economic class—who had voted for President Obama in 2008 and are at the moment undecided. These focus groups indicated that the American people are desperate for a leader who stands outside of the political establishment currently running Washington. A leader who can speak for the American majority—offering not just rhetoric, but a new direction and a proven record of getting things done.

Wow...100 out of the 69 million who voted for President Obama! And it sounds like they were picked because they are undecided now. That sounds an awful lot to me like picking your sample to generate what you want to find.

So who are these "Democratic" pollsters? Here's their byline at the WSJ:

Mr. Caddell served as a pollster for President Jimmy Carter. Mr. Schoen, who served as a pollster for President Bill Clinton, is author of "The Political Fix"

Sounds impressive, huh? But if you haven't heard of these two before, you might want to head over t0 Media Matters where they've been the topic of discussion on more than one occasion. Like when they accused President Obama of playing the race card or when they compared him to Richard Nixon or when they suggested he shouldn't run for re-election.

You get the drift? As the saying goes, when you look up "conservative concern troll" in the dictionary, you'll see a picture of these two. Its why they are evidently so very popular in Murdoch's other empire...Faux News.

The fact of the matter is that no left leaning person with an ounce of sense (yes, that would exclude people like Kucinich and Nader) is going to challenge President Obama in the primaries or as a third party candidate. Get over yourselves Caddell and Schoen. Nobody is listening but the nutters.


  1. As a matter of fact, I believe these guys are right that there will be a third party candidate. But that candidate will be a whacadoodle conservative and serve to split the republican vote.

    No way no how are progressives going to risk a disaster like Bush by not backing a-lo-less-than-perfect Democrat.

  2. ebogan63 here.

    I'll believe it when I see it.

  3. I love the positive talk on your blog, glad my friend Infidel sent me here. There is so much negativity coming from the left, it's very discouraging.

    Have you see this blog...

    Republicans for Obama! Gives me hope!

  4. The only thing any so called "third party candidate" will do is split the Repub vote. Nadar is becoming a joke like that guy from Laugh IN, Pat Paulson or the "Snoopy for president" jokes of the '70's.

    I can sure see the Repugs eat their own but even our worst on the Left really won't challenge PBO.

  5. Thanks Sue!

    That blog and another I found there got the "pragmatic conservative blogs" list going.

  6. Sorry, should put my glasses on, I see that now! I was just looking at your list on the left, LOL !!


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