Thursday, September 29, 2011

Demand an apology from Salon to Harris-Perry

Just a quickie...

Salon has a page that asks for your feedback.

My suggestion is that we all provide them with some...letting them know that we demand an apology from both Salon and Gene Lyons to Dr. Melissa Harris Perry for the despicable things they printed about her yesterday.


  1. Hey Joan Where are you.I know you have lots of black friends Right

  2. It is really amusing to hear SO MANY take up the mantle of being the Presidents base. This President had a Vast array of coalitions. I notice with this Administration and any in any other "Event" that economics and ratings play a more dominant role than the truth.O.J. Simpson, Casey Anthony and the current Jackson trial provide fodder and dollars for the Professional left and their conservative benefactors eg. Huffington / Issa, Hamsher,Greenwald/Grover Norquist......Pimps all. Report don't opinionate.
    Look to facts not talking points and you may have more of a following. We elected the man we thought would make the best decisions for this country, and there are many of us who see through your greedy game plan .

  3. I have just sent them an email.They do need to apologize to Mellisa Harris Perry.


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