Friday, September 9, 2011

"We are Americans...We are bigger than the smallness of our politics."

Last night President Obama promised to take his message about the American Jobs Act to every corner of the country. If his performance in Richmond, VA (Eric Cantor's district) is any indication, he'll burn up the barn!

In case you didn't get to see it, here it is.

Similar to his message in Detroit earlier this week, he demonstrated that O also stands for optimism. I know I was jumping out of my seat by the time he was done.

Look, I know that folks sometime think they’ve [Republicans] used up benefit of the doubt, but I’m an eternal optimist. I’m an optimistic person. I’m an optimistic person. I believe in America. I believe in our democracy. I believe that if you just stay at it long enough, eventually, after they’ve exhausted all the options, folks do the right thing.

But we’ve got to give them a little help to do the right thing. So I’m asking all of you to lift up your voices, not just here in Richmond -- anybody watching, listening, following online -- I want you to call, I want you to email, I want you to tweet -- I want you to fax, I want you to visit, I want you to facebook, send a carrier pigeon. I want you to tell your congressperson, the time for gridlock and games is over. The time for action is now. The time to create jobs is now...

The next election is 14 months away. We cannot wait. The American people do not have the luxury of waiting another 14 months for some action. Some of you are living paycheck to paycheck, week to week, day by day. Now is not the time for people in Washington to be worrying about their jobs. It's time for them to be worrying about your jobs. Now is the time to put Americans back to work. Now is the time to act.

We are not a people that just look and watch and wait to see what happens. We're Americans. We make things happen. We're tougher than these times. We are bigger than the smallness of our politics. We are patriots and we are pioneers, and innovators and entrepreneurs, who through individual effort and through a common commitment to one another will build an economy that is once again the engine and the envy of the world. And we will write our own destiny.

It's within our power. But we've got to seize the moment. So let’s just shake off all the naysaying and the anxiety and the hand-wringing. Enough of that. Let's get to work. Let’s show the world once again why America is the greatest nation on Earth.

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