Thursday, October 27, 2011

Cantor in total denial

With Congressional approval numbers in single digits, House Majority Leader Eric Cantor decided to brag about their performance this year.

In a 1-page “Dear Colleague” letter, Cantor pointed to several numbers that he said indicated a more deliberative and productive House due to the new schedule. For example, through Oct. 14 of this year, the House has taken 800 roll call votes so far, compared to 565 votes by the same time in 2010.

Here's a handy summary of what Republicans have been up to this year:


Hint to Eric...I'm not so sure this is something I'd be bragging about. Even grading on the curve wouldn't get you a pass on this one.


  1. If I were in the GOP, I would get a bogus jobs bill out, and fast. They could have a bill that primarily focuses on entitlement cuts and tax cuts for "job producing businesses." Of course, Obama would threaten a veto and it would not make it through the Senate, at which time they could campaign on Democractic obstructionism and their frusterated attempts to solve the jobs issue.

    It would be a strategic move. They want unemployment to be as high as possible until after the election. They need to indicate otherwise for their political health.

  2. John - I occasionally read "Frum Forum" because I think the writers there are actually intelligent conservatives. The other day I read a column there and my response was "If the Republicans did that, they'd be a serious threat to Democrats."

    The problem is that they've empowered an irrational base that has them terrified in terms of primaries. Its a strategy that worked well in a mid-term election when people were feeling insecure about the economy.

    That - combined with this idea that being the "party of no" is the answer to Obama has them in a seriously ugly corner.

    I don't think anything short of a massive electoral defeat will alter that course.

    But its people like the writers at Frum Forum that would pave the way back for the party's sanity.

  3. Is Cantor in denial or is he a totally arrogant a-hole?

  4. Leslie, the two possibilities are not mutually-exclusive.


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