Monday, October 24, 2011

Not disappointed by President Obama

Jake Lamar speaks for me! Listen and share.

h/t to Extreme Liberal


  1. Read Greenwald. That's the cure for your delusions. I am progressive, I don't think he is a socialist, I don't think he is a communist, I believe he is American. He is, however, NOT working for the people.

  2. I do read Greenwald. That's why I would have known you were a supporter even if you hadn't mentioned him. True to his style, you talk about people's delusions rather than address them as an adult who happens to disagree. There's Greenwald in a nutshell.

  3. 'Afternoon, Ms. Pants

    One of my favorite animated situations is one in which the hero, wielding a sword, VERY quickly and adeptly slashes their foil in about 4-5 strokes. The foil is completely unaware of the total devastation that has been visited on them for about three seconds. Then, enTIREly deconstructed, pieces of said foil slide to the floor in a heap.

    Four sentences.


    Stayin' on your good side.

  4. Blackman - LOL

    Mr. Owen caught me at a bad (good?) moment. I had just finished reading Nicholas Wilbur's most excellent piece about Greenwald over at ABL...wasn't in the mood for that foolishness.


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