Friday, November 18, 2011

Right wingers are showing their desperation

Its got to be hard to be a Republican these days. As their presidential nominees take turns demonstrating that they're the definition of the gang who couldn't shoot straight, their Congressional leaders are crying for Daddy Obama to come home and fix this Super Committee mess they got themselves in to. And when it comes to attacking President Obama, their whole "birther" scheme went down in flames and the guy is relentless in depriving them of scandal material.

As a result, desperation is the only way I can explain the fact that Breitbart, Fox, The Daily Caller, and Drudge have all featured this 1991 video of Barack Obama on their websites over the last couple of days.

They're acting like this is a new revelation (their youtube version was posted two days ago). But if you check out the origin of the one up above, it was posted way back in March 2009. So its hardly some recent "find" from Obama's "dark" past.

None of the sites are writing much about it. Most of them just posted the video with no comment. But the Daily Caller provides some background, talks about how Obama's voice was much deeper back then, and then ends with this.

Obama’s approval numbers have fallen precipitously as the economy has deteriorated. Additional vintage videos of the president may yet emerge for the benefit of a public more eager than ever to vet their future leaders.

So what we have here folks is a really lame attempt at a dog whistle. First of all, they want the racists to be alarmed that Obama was touting Black history way back in 1991. And then they want them to wonder what other nefarious stuff he was up to long ago that perhaps we haven't heard about yet.

I'm sure this provides a little red meat to the folks on the right who suffer from Obama Derangement Syndrome. But have to laugh at their desperation, don't you?


  1. There's no way I'm going to click on Drudge or any of those other links. So why is it that they find this video offensive? Obama calmly shares the history of one of the men who helped bring about integration in the U.S. And Fox et al consider this a problem why?

    Btw, while it's meaningless as far as his qualities as a president are concerned, there are some images of Obama, this one included, that are so handsome they take my breath away.

  2. Monala - As I said above, its a dog whistle to the racists. Most of them didn't provide any comment because they don't have to. Just seeing Obama support Black history is enough red meat for them.

  3. Charles Hamilton Houston is an American hero. thank you Barack Obama for doing the spot.


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