Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Damn Your Eyes

I've been thinking a lot about Etta James over the last few days after I read that she is terminally ill. I know that Etta will always be most remembered for her rendition of the song At Last. I understand why and absolutely love it. But when I think of Etta, this is the song that will always come to mind.

Back in the 80's a group of friends introduced me to Etta. When we'd get together we'd crank this one up on the stereo and wail out hearts out right along with her. It speaks to the universal broken heart. It gives all of us the chance to reach down into that place inside and find the cathartic release of saying..."Damn your eyes!"

(Sorry for the poor quality video but its worth it to hear Etta do this one live.)

1 comment:

  1. I might have saved myself years of heartache if I had known about this song earlier. Etta sings the truth.


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