Thursday, December 29, 2011


From Courtland Milloy:

Obama’s ability to enchant and calm infants has earned him a reputation as “baby whisperer in chief.” This is no small skill. Convey an uncomfortable vibe while holding a baby, and the baby could put on a face that makes a politician look like a fool.

When President George W. Bush picked up an infant during a trip to Germany in 2006, the baby screamed bloody murder. Bush was photographed looking like Popeye at wits’ end over a bawling Swee’Pea. Cartoonists had a field day, putting word bubbles over the infant’s screaming head that said things like “Please, Mr. Bush, don’t send me to Iraq.”...

But therein lies the real brilliance of Obama’s whispering skill: The kind of quiet he produces amplifies the incessant carping and backbiting of his opponents...

“I know Obama is politically savvy, but what I’m seeing goes beyond all of that,” Blau said. “He is showing a capacity for deep caring, listening and respect, and the response from the babies shows that it is genuine and not fake, more than a photo op.”

Ohhh yeah, baby!


  1. I have watched that video many times and it never fails to make me grin. I especially love the by play between Michelle and PBO. I would wager that our good Prez did plenty of his share of baby care when the girls were little.

    It has always been so obvious to me how much PBO and our wonderful FLOTUS love children. You can't fake that because the kiddos KNOW. That's why the young flock to them, crawl all over them, even stick fingers in PBO's mouth. That baby knew he would not bite!

    I love this about both of them!


  2. Aquagranny, I am with you! I just smile and laugh. The look he gives Michelle is priceless. I love the genuine intimacy and friendship they display.

  3. It's a great video, and says a lot about the man. What the even bigger aspect of it is, as Milloy points out, is that it works with voters. Let's face it, compared to the histrionics we're getting from the Republican field, as well as the outright stupidity, the comparison between the President and them is working to our advantage.



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