Sunday, January 22, 2012

Real Family Values



  1. Did you see this?

  2. Some people talk about family values, others live them.

    I suppose it's time to recycle the last election's unofficial slogan: ONE HOUSE, ONE SPOUSE.

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  4. Look, if Gingrich wants to have an "open" marriage, that's fine by me. However, when he turns around and gives a speech on "family values," he's flat out wrong.

    This is a guy who called for the impeachment of Bill Clinton while he was doing same thing Clinton was.

    And despite how messed up it may seem to many, in order for an "open" marriage to work, both partners have to agree with it. Newt never had this with his first two wives, but one has to wonder about his current marriage...

    Either way, Obama is living the traditional family values that the GOP has pimped for the past 30 years. And he's not being self-righteous and pompous about it. Ha!

  5. It amazes me that the 'moral right' will fully support a man who cheated on both wives (while they were ill), and the most they can say about Obama is that he is 'aloof.' Obama's response was that he has so little time away from the rigors of the job that he and his wife choose to spend it with their children rather than with the Washington social circle. I'm curious as to conservatives' definition of 'moral.'

  6. Love the video!!!! If that's aloof, I want some.


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