Wednesday, February 15, 2012

I love watching eyes open up to see the long game!

The blinders that keep us from seeing something new can be extremely powerful. The fact that "the way we've always done it" doesn't work anymore is often not enough motivation to open our eyes to different possibilities. Its much more comfortable for us to judge the present based on the yardsticks of the past.

But watching those scales come off the eyes of an observer can be a beautiful and uplifting thing. I truly enjoyed reading about it from Georgie Anne Geyer. I suspect you will too.

While the Republican presidential candidates are trying their best to grind the story of the Obama administration into the dust, something largely unnoted has been happening behind the scenes. President Obama and his team have been quietly building a new narrative and structure for America that should outlast his years in office.

Until the last few months, it has been possible to wonder if Barack Obama and his stirring admonition of "Yes, we can" were failing. There seemed to be little accomplishment to grasp onto there. Even American liberals, who were supposed to be enchanted by his magic, were wondering what had gone wrong.

But now, step by cautious step, the new post-Cold War America (a little late, but that's the way the world works) is falling into a distinctly unmartial cadence under Obama's hand. A sense of what he wants to do, and why and how, has been sneaking up on us...

One can trace his approach through his attitude toward education, toward new industries like that exemplified by Microsoft and Google, to talk about the environment and conservation, to true equality among the races, and to the changes in American attitudes as a whole.

One can rightly ask whether his lawyerly approach can continue to work or whether nations will, or must, resort eventually to undiluted force. One can say, "This is not Hawaii, after all, where conciliation and negotiation among human beings is primary."

When Barack Obama steps down from the presidency, whether a year from now or five years from now, Americans will surely find that the conversation in the country has changed. Perhaps Americans, too, have changed, with a deeper understanding of a world transforming before our eyes.


  1. Fantastic commentary. Thanks for posting it. President Obama has demonstrated enormous flexibility and patience in trying to secure his goals. Where one approach fails he is always prepared to change tactics and see what else he can do, but he never loses sight of the ultimate goal. We, his supporters, should take the same long view and not write off people who annoy us with their "disappointment" or silly attacks, but instead arm ourselves with the facts and engage and persuade them, which is exactly what he is trying to do. The more bricks he puts in his wall of achievement the more substantial it looks and by the time of the election he will have a very solid foundation and wall to show the American people indeed.

  2. I think we should pay attention to what Mrs. Obama says:
    "You underestimate Barack at your peril"
    "When everyone else is screaming with their "hair on fire", Barack remains calm and says you have to look at the long game"
    "Barack is a community organizer and he believes that politics is an instrument in achieving power".

    Truer words were never spoken and I have really enjoyed watching her words come true!

    By the way, this is a brillant post!


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