Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The GOP train wreck

Sometimes the best way to get perspective on the present is to take a step back and put it in the context of the past. Anyone else remember memes like the one about Democrats being vulnerable to the circular firing squad and Republicans always being united? I'd suggest that it wasn't all that long ago we were hearing that one. quickly times have changed.

We recently heard fairly strong critiques of the Republican primary race from both Barbara and Jeb Bush. This weekend, George Will basically called the Republican candidates cowards. Of course I could go on - but those will suffice to make the point.

Following the Super Tuesday primaries, I did something I often do after Republicans have spoken - I visited wingnutland to see what they're saying about the results. To be honest, Erick Erickson nailed it.

The big difference between 2008 and 2012 is that in 2008, David beat Goliath. The base of the party rallied to the David who took out the machine no one thought could be taken out. In 2012, Goliath is beating David and no one ever really cheers for Goliath...

Frankly, even if Gingrich exits, Romney will still most likely be the nominee.

He will be the nominee having lost the South, Appalachia, evangelicals, conservatives, and blue collar voters. He will go into the general election deeply distrusted by his own base while having to woo independent voters. This is not a dazzling position to be in to beat an incumbent President.

When you've lost everyone from the Bush's to evangelicals and blue collar voters, I begin to wonder where there is a constituency in the Republican Party that is happy with the current state of affairs. Goliath may in fact beat David, but no one seems very satisfied with the victory.

Lets be honest folks, the GOP is a train wreck in progress right now. Its true that much can change in the next 9 months so we have to stay on our game. But this is a historical moment we're doubt about it.


  1. I really wish I could claim I called this one, but I didn't. I thought Michigan would be enough to turn this thing around for Mitt. Maybe it was in Ohio, the polls say quite a few people voted for Romney because they want it over and he looked to win. But it sure didn't appear to work in TN, GA or OK.

    Why can't this guy keep his mouth shut? TWO cadillacs? His wife doesn't "feel" rich with 20 million dollars INCOME???

    Used to be, politicians were able to lie effectively enough to fool enough people to get elected. Are these guys REALLY this bad? Or are Americans getting smart/cagey/cynical enough to not believe a damn thing anyone tells them?

    To quote the king of the only non-Nipponese country in SE Asia to declare war on the US: 'Tis a puzzlement.

  2. As a long-time--albeit extremely quiet--reader of yours, this post moved me to comment. You are one of my favorite bloggers because I do admire your perspective. In my daily life, I work diligently to keep my eyes on the forest, not getting distracted by all of the trees. That's what you do in your writing: your sense of perspective keeps you consistent at all times. While others may have a single issue that is most important, you remind your readers that it's all connected and, thus, all important.
    Like you, I adore our President. He is a man of great strength and quiet dignity. While the republican candidates keep trying to out-crazy the others, our POTUS remains the model for the very best of us.
    He is the ultimate forest-seeing, tree-ignoring role model.
    I enjoy and appreciate your clear and honest opinion. Thanks for all you do to make this country better.

    1. Thanks so much for that - and for jumping in to the comments. I LOVE this about PBO:

      He is the ultimate forest-seeing, tree-ignoring role model.

    2. Well, the President does not ignore the trees. He is aware of both, I think, and prioritizes correctly.

    3. The trees I see POB ignoring are the daily hysteria conjured up by the media and blogosphere.

    4. Exactly. All of the pettiness. He refuses to get down in the mud to fight like we know he can. His press conference yesterday was a thing of beauty, where he essentially smacked down the Bomb-Iran crowd running for the Republican nomination. He was like, "They need to stop upping the crazy in their war hysteria. Since I am the President I don't have the time for that. There are real lives at stake. So i will not engage in that because this is not a game."
      With the emails from judges and the racist cartoons, he could get smothered by the hate that they direct his way. But he sees the forest. He knows what's important.
      I try to take the perspective that, as long as I am coming from a place of truth and honesty, I cannot be concerned if another person doesn't like what I am all about. All I can do is be true to myself. I say I try: PBO lives it. He knows that no one is going to agree with everything he does and he might make mistakes but he is coming from a place of honesty. He honestly believes that he is doing what is right. What more can we ask of the people who lead us?

      On the other hand, Mitt Romney is the ultimate in tree-seeing as he continues to comment on the rightness of michigan's tree height.

  3. If Rommeny wins the nomination, he could add Santorum as vice, and get back the evangilical votes.

    for the Republicans it might not all be about the lead but what is in the package. In 2008, they were not too key with their nominee but they soon rally behind him once he picked Palin.

    My fear is people underestimating their craziness, I mean what looks like loony to us looks smart to them.

    If Rommey picks Jeb Bush or Palin as vice, he can re-energize the R campaign. If he were smart.

    I think we need to get beyond Rommey winning and the divide this will cause and start preparing for a Republican party that will put its difference aside for one common goal, take down the president.

    IF we look back at 2008, after that long nomination process we all thought the democrats would not be able to rally behind their nominee, it had become too split, once Barack was chosen, most of the democrats rally behind their him because the purpose was to defeat the Republicans. We should not assume the Republican intent would be any different.


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