Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The tangle and the weave

Here's another bit of wisdom from "The Healing" by Jonathan Odell.

Polly Shine is teaching her apprentice Granada the art of healing. She tells her that her mother's people in Africa were the finest weavers in the world.

"She told me the secret...what made them so fine, mother after daughter after grandaughter, all the way down the line."

"What was it Polly?"

"She say, the difference in weavers is, some see the tangle and others see the weave. The ones that can't take their eyes off the tangle, they never rise above it."

If there is anything resembling a legacy I'd like to strive for in blogging, it would be that I tried to see the weave.


  1. I love how you are exploring and sharing THE HEALING. Very unique and appealing.

    1. Thanks so much Jonathan! The book is amazing.

      I just finished it last night and am still trying to absorb it all. That's why all I can share right now are bits and pieces.

      But the character that's sticking with me...Violet. But then, in the end, she's what its all about, isn't she?

  2. Younarevthe first to say that and you are right---it is all about Violet. Aa things depend upon her.


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