Saturday, March 31, 2012

That's Amore

This is a pretty clever ad. But it stands out to me because its also a pretty ballsy statement from the Democrats. They must have calculated that Rep. Ryan and his draconian budget proposal are enough of a political liability that associating him with Mitt Romney would do some damage. I think that's a good call.


  1. Good to see this. I'm still gobsmacked at Republican "strategy" lately that seems to be doubling down on just about any policy positions roundly despised by most of the country. I hope they keep shouting their message loud and proud, and that people believe them.

    BTW - Sounds like it could be Ry Cooder performing the song. Wouldn't surprise me.

  2. I heard someone on MHPshow this morning say that we should send repugs a thank you card for all the campaigning they have done for PBO. I totally agree. I keep trying to see how they would attempt to turn the "bucket of sh*t" around in the Fall. It escapes me.


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