Saturday, April 21, 2012

Driving the Republicans Crazy

I'm going to recommend that you head over to Daily Kos and read Vyan's diary titled What is Driving Repubs Crazy? I think you'll find a lot of themes there that I've been talking about for awhile. And he's put it all together beautifully.

This isn't about policy, which is why they [Republicans] don't put forward policies that might actually gain popular support or be GOOD FOR PEOPLE which would keep them in office on the basis of merit, it's about maintaining power by force and coercion. They're out to take as much ground as possible right now... because they know soon - they're going to lose it.  All of it.

They're afraid that if Democrats - who have the audacity to believe that Government is actually good for something manage to be successful - then people will want more of that success.  The kind of success that Bill Clinton had with the economy and the budget.  If people get more of that, if we actually have a efficient and effective Government, then the GOP is doomed.  Permanently.  They can't have that, so they've been deliberately sabotaging the country just to undermine the President. 
It has to do with inevitability. 
It has to do with the slow, gradual, demographic realities that the core of the GOP - middle-aged, aggrieved, white men and their sycophantic trophy wives/mistresses (and their blind willful deluded cult of lickspittle lackeys who operate and listen to Right-Wing Radio and Fox News) -  are no longer the majority in this nation.  They are becoming like the rest of us - a minority. 
They are acting out, because they see their coming irrelevance staring them in the face. 

They've said it many times.  They see their America disappearing from them.  The America where they call the shots.  The America where their Religious Views, their business practices, and their people prosper, not the rest of us. 

They're very afraid of this New America.  Their very worried that once they become an electoral minority, just like everyone else already is.  Once they're no longer in the drivers seat. Once their fate is in the hands of all the Women, the Latinos, the Blacks, Asians, the Gays/Transgendered, the Non-Christians and Athiests... 
Once we hold control of their fate... 
We just might, possibly...
Treat Them Nearly As SHITTY as they've been treating us all this Time!

WOW, did he nail it or what?

While we always have to call these folks out on their shit, this is why I never bother to lose my cool over it. We know how this one is going to end - so do they. That's exactly why they're so pissed off.


  1. Yep, he nailed it! You are wonderful too, SP!

  2. this is absolutely on point. they are afraid of folks treating them, the way that they have treated others.

    1. I think this is something that Democrats of color can see and white Democrats tend to be pretty oblivious to. And that's just one more way that being ingrained in the struggle for so long tends to contribute to better vision.

  3. Love this layout. It looks great!!

    1. Thanks.

      I've been playing with it a good chunk of the day while I get laundry done. Someone PLEASE tell me to stop!



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