Friday, April 20, 2012

The most telling poll question of all

This week's CNN poll contained the most telling information about this presidential election that I've seen.

They asked Obama supporters whether their vote was more FOR Obama or AGAINST Romney:

For Obama 76%
Against Romney 23%

Then they asked Romney supporters whether their vote was more FOR Romney or AGAINST Obama.

For Romney 35%
Against Obama 63%

There's an awful lot you can do with those results. For one thing, it could explain the problem Republicans are having with an enthusiasm gap. For another, it tells us why the Romney campaign will be more focused on making this a referendum against Obama rather than presenting a competing vision for the country.

But the most interesting thing I see in those poll results is a pretty clear definition of the size of each party's extremist wing. In other words, the 23% who will be voting against Romney are likely those who have spent the last 3+ years complaining about President Obama but are at least aware that he's better than Romney (the poutragers in other words). That's a pretty small group compared to the 63% of the right wing faction who are propelled by their Obama Derangement Syndrome - even if it means voting for Romney.

I'm proud to be part of that 76% majority who are voting FOR Obama. That's because I'm proud of the job he's President of my lifetime, no doubt about it. I can't wait to see what he'll do with 4 more years!



  1. The answer to this question describes republicans perfectly. They are the party against things. They are the party of NO.

  2. I suspect that turn out is probably better among people voting for a candidate than it is among people voting against a candidate. I've got nothing to support that hunch though. Does anyone know of data on the subject?

  3. I had to rerun Sarah Silverman's spot she made for the Great Schlep in '08. Barack Obama is still the goodest President we've had in my lifetime.

  4. nobody supports Willard. Nobody is gonna climb over someone to go vote for Willard.


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