Sunday, April 29, 2012

President Obama campaigned on going after al Qaeda

I wonder how many of you have heard President Obama's critics on the left suggest that he has strayed from his campaign rhetoric in his actions against al Qaeda in places like Pakistan. The most recent experience I've had with that was watching a video of Glenn Greenwald and David Frum in which they discussed their various theories about why the President would change his tune so dramatically once he got into the White House (if you're interested in watching that discussion, click on the bullet point below the video titled "Has Obama realized that Bush was right on national security?)

Trouble is...he didn't change at all. And this video mash-up of things the President said during the debates with Sen. McCain demonstrates that all along he said that al Qaeda was the threat (not Iraq!) and that he would go after them in Afghanistan and Pakistan. In other words, he told us during the campaign exactly what he was going to do...and has done.

The question about whether or not this is the right policy is a whole other discussion. But the only ones who are surprised at what President Obama has done are those who fooled themselves into thinking he was saying what they wanted to hear.

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