Friday, April 27, 2012

Republicans can't handle the Obama advantage

We've already established that President Obama has a HUGE advantage over Mitt Romney. Just as a reminder, here it is in graph form. And this week, the President reminded everybody just how "cool" he is too :-)

(Go ahead and watch it KNOW you want to.)

But Rove and Co. need to do something about that, now don't they? What's a Super PAC to do with all those millions against something like that?'s what.

Hey Karl - thanks for the memories. But 4 years ago it was YOUR GUY who was busy making a mess of things.

Peggy Noonan gets in on the act too. What was the WSJ doing when they gave her most recent column this title: A Bush League President? Note to WSJ Editorial Page: reminding people of our most recent Bush League presidency is probably NOT a way to discredit Obama. But all that aside, I found it fascinating how she tried to tackle this issue of Obama's advantage.

...this president is always out there, talking. But—and forgive me, because what I'm about to say is rude—has anyone noticed how boring he is? Plonking platitude after plonking platitude. To see Mr. Obama on the stump is to see a man at the podium who's constantly dribbling away the punch line. He looks pleasant but lacks joy; he's cool but lacks vigor. A lot of what he says could have been said by a president 12 or 20 years ago, little is anchored to the moment. As he makes his points he often seems distracted, as if he's holding a private conversation in his head, noticing crowd size, for instance, and wishing the front row would start fainting again, like they used to...

It is still so surprising that a person who seems bored by politicking has risen to the highest political office in the land. Politics is a fleshly profession, it's all hugging, kissing, arm twisting, shaking hands. It involves contact. When you see politicians on C-Span, in the well of the House or the Senate after a vote, they're always touching each other's arms and shoulders. They touch each other more than actors! Bill Clinton was fleshly, and LBJ. How odd to have a Democratic president who doesn't seem to like humans all that much.
Ms. Noonan wants us to think President Obama is boring...lacks distracted...and doesn't like humans all that much.

Hmmmm. If you were that pesky fly on the wall watching the President's travels this week, what would you have seen?

Boring platitudes?

Lacks vigor?

Doesn't do the "touching" thing?

Who the hell is Noonan talking about?

I'd suggest that maybe she's referring to their guy.

(Much gratitude to Chipsticks at The Obama Diary for the video and pictures!)


  1. It would be nice if the press and pollsters would catch on to that.

  2. 'Afternoon, Ms. Pants

    You, as usual, have been your outSTANding self with just ANY of the recent posts. And, Ms. Noonan....

    I believe she would be the same one who, as the presented objective evidence CLEARly shows to the contrary, said not long ago: "Nobody likes Obama".

    Better that she sit DOWN somewhere and suck an egg. Therein, to sum up the R's in their entirety, my wild and crazy alumnus Shelton Jackson Lee aka "Spike" says is best....

    "Ya got NOTHIN"!!!!!!

  3. It's the old green eyed monster, jealousy, that is motivating Fox, Noonan, Boehner, the RNC, and others to disparage the president. None of them have the ability to connect with people the way that PBO does, and they know it. The president's visits to these college campuses bring into sharp focus the problem that republicans have with getting young people to vote for them. They have nothing to offer so they resort to criticisms about PBO that reflect their own angst. They tore their own britches with many Americans by voting against anything that would help them. As PBO once said, "It's time for them to eat their peas."


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