Tuesday, July 17, 2012

From "welfare queens" to "roaches"

Republican Ronald Reagan's administration is most often credited with crafting the image of people on government assistance as "welfare queens" and loaded that phrase with screaming dog whistles.

I suppose it should come as no surprise that our current crop of lunatic Republicans would take it one step further. Enter Mike Huckabee.
“It’s basically just a transfer of money from the taxpayer to the government, from the government to people who become beneficiaries of the government, because that way the government can own these people,” Huckabee said on “Fox and Friends.” “It is a trap, and it is like the roach motel. Once you get in, but you never get out.”
Absolutely disgusting!!!!!!

That's about all I can say on this one at the moment without joining Mr. Huckabee in the gutter.


  1. I will stoop to the gutter, "Absolutely disgusting!!!!!" is way too kind, imo. Goatfiggers like Huckabee despise the poor & POC as being beneath their contempt. So it is okay in their world to liken us to animals, even insects if that suits their current narrative. They know words like this resonate with their mutant racist base of cowards & ignorant haters.

    Huckabee is a piece of slime mold who should be in a swamp not flapping his evil mouth on MSM.

    My two pesos & just saying....


  2. I always shudder when supposed "preachers" have complete and total disdain for the poor. What seminary school do that teach that? It seems there are quite a few "men and women of God" that learned from the same book, but it's not the Bible.

    1. I believe that Huckabee is a Dominionist. They have contempt for the poor who they consider "cursed." The poor have no value to them in their quest for world dominion except to serve the masters of the universe they would like to create.

      Research Dominionism & their "seven pillars" It will give you some chills. These people are most definitely NOT "men & women of God."


    2. It honestly didn't occur to me that he might be a Dominionist because I try to dismiss him entirely but you are right. It fits the pattern.


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