Sunday, August 19, 2012

Have we reached "peak idiocy" on the right yet? (updated)

Who knew you could outflank Michelle Bachman on the idiot front? That feat was just accomplished by Todd Akin who is running for the United States Senate against Claire McCaskill.

I'm going to try to hang on to some sanity by taming my desire to punch this ignoramus's lights out and remember that every time he does something idiotic like this, it might help us keep one more Senate seat in the Democrats column. But there are a whole lot of people that ought to be doing a face palm of shame today for supporting this guy.

UPDATE: Akin has released a statement saying that he misspoke. Its not clear what he is retracting, but I have a message for him about this:
I recognize that abortion, and particularly in the case of rape, is a very emotionally charged issue. But I believe deeply in the protection of all life and I do not believe that harming another innocent victim is the right course of action.
Dear Mr. Akin,

The next time you're pregnant as a result of being raped, we'll assume that you'll follow that deeply held belief. But the rest of us demand the right to follow our own deeply held beliefs in that situation. Thank you very much.



  1. Sadly you cannot assume that this kind of idiocy is obvious to the average voter. After all, how many people know for certain that there isn't some kind of biological mechanism that inhibits impregnation from rape? When someone who is ignorant on these matters hears someone say it with authority they are likely to accept that authority as legitimate and think the voice of authority has a valid point.

    This is how grifters make a living.

  2. I don't really agree Chris. This sort of thing IS very obvious to the "average voter." That said though, clearly it's not so clear to a large number of not so average voters. A segment of the voting population so concerned with losing, because they have losing ideas, they feel compelled to steal the elections in such places as Florida, Ohio and Pennsylvania among others. If they were average voters, they wouldn't need the contortions.

  3. From what I've heard about this Senate race - its neck-and-neck. So if just a few voters realize what an idiot Akin is - that might be enough.

  4. Leslie, I'd like to see the actual figures on this. You say that it IS very obvious to the average voter, yet I know nothing that actually proves that. But what I do know is that average voters vote, far more than I would like, for people who just as idiotic as this yahoo. How do I know this? Because they win.

    We do ourselves no service by pretending that the average voter can see through this crap as well as we can.

  5. So...women have this power to wiggle their asses & kill sperm at will. I wish I had known that sooner because I could have saved a ton of money on birth control over the years.

  6. Women on both sides of this campaign year have suffered through sexual assault and rape. In fact, it might just be that this kind of misogynistic stupidity is exactly what women on the right needed to hear--sadly.

  7. In the case of people like this, is there any way we can make abortion retroactive?

    I agree with Mike37 and Smartypants 2:53PM. This is outrageous enough that in a close race it might just turn off enough voters to abort his Senate run, if nothing else.

  8. As I've said, I know FULL WELL Ms. McCaskill is a proverbial "Blue Dog". And, I canNOT WAIT to vote for her. It canNOT be presented more plainly than this.

    And, this ain't new from him, either. It's that more people can now see it.

  9. And, no, Ms. Pants

    We STILL yet have not reached peak idiocy. They are REALLY gonna throw down before it's all said and done.

  10. Polls show that 90 million Americans won't vote in November. Of these people, 2 of 3 would vote for the President, if they voted. I'm sure the same applies to congressional races. If you want a Democratic majority, it is absolutely imperative that we rock the vote!

    90 million is a very large number!


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