Wednesday, August 8, 2012

No Commentary Required 8/8/12

A few stories that caught my eye this morning:

Guess who's going to introduce President Obama at his campaign rally this morning in Colorado...Sandra Fluke. Yeah, the President is going "all in" when it comes to his war for women!

Just a couple of days ago I was talking about how the tea partiers are giving an assist to Democratic Senate candidates. And then yesterday in the Missouri primary, they may have breathed some life back into Claire McCaskill's (D) bid for reelection by nominating Todd Akin.
And what is it, exactly, about Akin that makes him so unappealing to the voting mainstream? The congressman believes the very existence of the federal student-loan program is a "stage-three cancer of socialism." He's also eager to eliminate the minimum wage, believes liberalism is based on "a hatred of God," believes the Bible should be a "blueprint" for American government; and wants to impeach President Obama because, in his mind, the president is "a complete menace to our civilization."
If you were wondering how Bill Clinton would react to the Romney campaign's distortion of the waivers the Obama administration is offering on TANF, the wait is over. Here's Clinton's response
Governor Romney released an ad today alleging that the Obama administration had weakened the work requirements of the 1996 Welfare Reform Act. That is not true .
There's more to the statement, but that pretty well sums it up.

Speaking of former presidents, Bill Clinton won't be the only one speaking at the Democratic Convention. Jimmy Carter will have a prime time spot too. And how many former presidents will be speaking (or even attending) the Republican Convention? Nada. Not one. Zero.

And speaking of conventions, how about this little trip down memory lane to 2008?

Yeah, I can't wait either!


  1. Mo'nin', Ms.Pants

    And, everything that you've printed about Todd Akin is true. We, in The Show Me State, have heard it for ourselves. And, keep in mind, the other Mo. Senator is Roy Blunt. We do have a Democratic governor (Jay Nixon) who, I believe shall be re-elected. And, yes....Claire is a "Blue Dog". But, she REALLY has a heck of a tight rope to walk in this VERY conservative state (John Ashcroft was governor here, for chrissakes!!!). Having said that....

    She's gonna REALLY need to campaign well. There is NO doubt, "Blue Dog" though she is, she is LIGHT YEARS away from and ahead of Akin. And, she is going to get my vote.

    1. Thanks for that commentary Blackman!

      It strikes me that this kind of thing is what so many of the poutragers don't understand about blue dogs. You can bet that most of them live in states and areas where its possible to primary blue dogs with more progressive candidates and not do exactly the same thing tea partiers are doing to their more centrist candidates...cause them to lose.

      I''ve long ago accepted that much of politics comes in the form of "hold your nose and vote for the least worst candidate." Its just a reality.

      And then every once in a while someone like PBO comes along. He's both the real deal and can win! I treasure those moments.


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