Friday, August 24, 2012

Republican Women for Obama

My first thought was to add this video to the post below.

But its too important.

This one is too long to be shared via ads on TV. If its going to get out there - we're going to have to do it. So I suggest we share it with every woman we know and every man in our lives who cares about women (I suspect that would cover most all of them).


  1. Two of the women in this ad are Democrats. Confirmed. My bet is by the end of the day all will be outed as Democrats. There are NO Republican women for Obama out there.

    1. It doesn't surprise me at all that some of these women have become Democrats.

      As you would expect, Mr. Hinderacker didn't listen very carefully to what these women said in the ad. When you do - you find unique stories about people at different places on their journeys. The one commonality is that at one point in their lives - these women were all Republicans. What they're saying now is that they are all going to vote for Obama.

    2. My mother was a Republican most of her life. She isn't any more. She often says that she didn't leave the Republican party - it left her.

      It's likely that's the case with many of the women in this ad.

  2. Please excuse me, but I don't think these ladies have become Democrats. They've simply realized that the GOP no longer represents them, and as women today's extremist GOP actively works against them and their rights as women.

    These are still conservative women who also realize that voting for the Democrat is actually in their own best interest.

    This is why today's GOP is in serious trouble. Conservatives that don't live in the echo chamber will realize that the GOP no longer represents them.


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