Thursday, August 16, 2012

What Romney's Mediscare message looks like in the real world

Last night I began pondering what Romney's Mediscare message would look like in my world. As you know, he's suggesting that because President Obama found savings in Medicare that he somehow "raided the Medicare trust fund."

As the executive director of a non-profit organization, rather than slamming me for doing something similar, my board of directors would be giving me high fives. Here's an analogy of what that would look like.

A few years ago our non-profit bought a building that has a furnace over 40 years old. We've been told that if we upgraded to a more efficient furnace, we could save up to half of what we spend monthly in heating/cooling costs.

To upgrade, we'd have to spend $ from our reserve funds (savings). But it would free up operating funds spent on heating/cooling. Sounds like a no-braier, huh?

But what if I was able to make the deal even sweeter? What if I was able to negotiate a deal with our vendors that made the use of those reserve funds unnecessary? My gawd...our board of directors would be doing cartwheels!!!!! What they would definitely NOT be doing is accuse me of raiding our reserves by the amount of our savings.

What Romney is suggesting is that the SAVINGS President Obama found in Medicare by negotiating deals with the vendors (projected to be $716 billion by CBO) are actually a raiding of the trust fund.

That's why Romney's charges are not only a lie...they're a despicable stupid lie.


  1. The sad fact is that Romney must actually know the truth but is willing to distort it entirely.

  2. The difference in the approaches to Medicare by the two parties is the Obama Admin cuts $716 billion from Medicare fees to Service Providers who go over costs and re-invests it into the ACA to pay for preventive care benefits available to individuals without a co-pay. Preventive care tests lower costs by catching catastrophic illness before they become too costly.
    The Republican Romney/Ryan plan cuts the same amount from Medicare but does not re-invest it into benefits in either the ACA or Medicare Benefits. Their plan calls for their eventual goal of turning Medicare into a Voucher Program which costs Seniors up to $6500.00 per year while cutting preventive care benefits and other benefits.
    One gives benefits to Seniors - Obama - The other cuts benefits to Seniors - Romney

    Ask Romney/Ryan if their proposed Medicare Plan is so Marvelous for individuals under 55 years of age, why can't Seniors take advantage of it? It is Marvelous isn't it

    The Romney Plan supposedly doesn't cut benefits to Current Receipients (the devils in the details which they won't release like the Tax Return thing) because they know if they proposed that their plans would go down in fire. It's a Dodge. It is Marvelous isn't it. Answer the question, Romney but first let's take a look at your Tax Returns that show you paid $412 in taxes in 2008 writing off your loses from the Bush Crash.


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