Friday, October 19, 2012


What can I say? There are no words that describe how outta-the-park President Obama hit it this morning. Just watch!!!


  1. Absolutely sweet. Thanks for it!

    1. He's having fun now. That's a sure sign of a winner.

    2. Indeed. Though perhaps not in the state of Virginia, ironically enough.

      Fascinating how the backdrop is being stage managed, with respect to the message. We might not see the President on stage with any guys for the next two-and-a-half weeks. All women's issues, all the time. The true electoral base of the national Democratic Party.

  2. Smartypants, you are one of the best, I come to your blog first thing in the morning because you are honest and you give me a good start of my day before I read other negative sites. Keep up the good work and may God and the good people of America keep Obama on the winning path. I am not an American but I feel like one since Obama became your President.

  3. Love this intelligent and charming website!


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