Saturday, November 17, 2012

Musical bookends for Obama's trip to Myanmar

Today President Obama begins a foreign trip that will include a stop in Myanmar. He will be the first American President to ever visit that country.

As is her wont, last night Rachel Maddow dug up a detail about the U.S. State Department's efforts in that country. Apparently back in 2009, they sent musical ambassadors to Myamnar - the first time an American group had ever toured the country. And after President Obama's trip - a second musical ambassador is on deck to go as well.

I will admit that I'm an out-of-it old lady when it comes to todays music. But the two performers who are working with the State Department on this are one's that happen to be favorites of mine. And so the whole story caught my attention. Here's why.

The group that toured Myanmar back in 2009 was Ozomatli. I wish there was a better video of this song. But just close your eyes and enjoy.

Following President Obama's visit, Jason Mraz is scheduled to tour there.

My heart bursts with pride that these are the kind of people representing us as this country struggles with moving forward.

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