Monday, December 10, 2012

My challenge today (updated)

I'm having a hard time focusing on politics this morning when this is what awaits me.
A slow-moving storm has dumped snow on parts of the Midwest, blanketing the Twin Cities, making roads treacherous or impassable, and leading to at least one fatal crash.

The Twin Cities experienced at least 16 inches of snow Sunday — its heaviest snowfall in two years — leading to the cancellation of dozens of flights at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport and caused hundreds of road accidents around the state.
Gotta dig the car out and see if I can get across town to work. Its one of those days when this kind of romanticism has to wake up and get real ;-)

UPDATE: Whew - I made it! Thank gawd for my 12 year-old all-wheel drive Subaru!

1 comment:

  1. We didn't get that much down here in Rochester but it was warmer yesterday so we had ice underneath the snow. We only got 6"not much fun. I didn't drivve today, had to take a taxi to the doctor appts. :-( good thing you have a 4 wheeler to get you around. Be safe.


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