Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Poutrage logic fail

For several years now the poutragers have harped on their idea that President Obama pre-compromises with Republicans. Their suggestion is that his initial proposals for things like the Recovery Act and health care reform were designed from the outset to appeal to conservatives - thus not leaving him  room to negotiate.

I happen to disagree with that assessment, but for the sake of argument - let's assume its true.

One of the reasons those same poutragers were so excited about the President's initial proposal in the so-called "fiscal cliff" negotiations is that he went in strong this time with a solid progressive proposal that frankly surprised some of them. A logical assumption would then be that he finally gave himself room to negotiate.

But one of the reasons I use the term "poutrager" to describe these folks is that there's not much logic when it comes to their reactions. Because since the President has actually been negotiating, they're back to their same-old same-old of screaming at him for doing so.

In the end, it gets more and more difficult to see how these folks are that much different than the tea partiers in their aversion to any compromise at any time. The only difference is that their numbers are not large enough and/or organized enough to get anyone else to listen to them. They scream at the President from the bubble of their own making and think that someone is actually paying attention.

This is one of the few times I can say that I completely agree with Michael Tomasky. Referring to what President Obama said at his press conference today, he writes:
Obama's words there were pitch-perfect--for those who want a deal, that is. That doesnt include most Republicans. But more interestingly, it also doesn't include most Washington liberals, at least as of today. But it does include most regular Americans. Obama is talking directly to them.


  1. For anyone interested in some actual common sense on chained CPI, look here:

  2. Finally, some clarity. The noise coming from the poutragers is so distracting. This assessment of them is what I have intuited, just needed confirmation.

    PM Carpenter was a disappointment on this one, for sure, SMARTYPANTS.

    Deaniac's piece is excellent. Tomasky was a pleasant surprise, the last person I expected to be calm.

    It's gonna be a rocky, nerve-wracking four years, but I don't mind: " I like it when I wake in the morning and Barack Obama is my President")

    1. OMG - so when p m carpenter has to face the fact that PBO is winning this one - he resorts to calling him "lucky" today. Ugly!

  3. Mo'nin, Ms. Pants

    And, I agree with you re: PM. (and others). You KNOW these people are ridiculously bright but, do they know how government (ours) actually works? I've said this before. It seems to me that what is wanted by this non-sensical Left is just scorched earth. The governing of our country as Reality Television. Damn Gladiator Games. I would like to know in our history when it has EVER been like this in terms of the President being "The Impaler".

    I recall being amazed by Howard Fineman in the early days of BHO's presidency being able to ask the same question over and over in ways that I hadn't imagined - 'Does this black guy know what he's doing'? And, for me, that's what I continually hear. On both sides. The Right is more straight forward. The Left dresses it up a bit more (ENDless pontification on "what he SHOULD do").

    The answer, about as PLAINly as it can be stated, is: YES. You don't look like he does, become President by over 50% of the popular vote TWICE (meaning the second time that you're running on your record), if you don't. And, it's not just white people...

    I just had, yet again, another back and forth with my e-mail group of accomplished black men (think I've told you about them) because, just by one of them in this case, the presentation was made that PBO's first term was "tepid". So...

    Regardless of the accomplishments, the reality of HAVING to contend with The House due to the FACT of that, based on our OWN rules, that is where appropriations are dealt with and this "fiscal cliff" matter is about APPROPRIATIONS...push that aside. Ignore it. Just do what we say. Give us what we want. And, VANQUISH the R's (interestingly, God is approached in much the same manner. hence the latest round of "Where was God" questions. since, in terms of the latest tragedies, He didn't do what we would want - which is spare us from ALL pain - He doesn't know what He's doing, either).

    Thankfully, PBO knows all of this and goes on. I point out, again, how, historically, it's always like this when social justice is about to be advanced. And, who is chosen by however it is that one would want to define it, is rather other worldly.

    In our lifetimes, we, actually, have seen some. But, I highlight Jackie Robinson. Branch Rickey chose him not because he was the best player in the Negro Leagues (that would've been Josh Gibson), but he had EVERYthing that was needed to break the unjust and inhumane grip of white male privilege on that game. It REALLY took a while for it to be seen what all he was doing and for it to be appreciated and for him to be given the ACTUAL credit that he DESERVED.

    Perfecting this Union is WORK - not magic. Let's JOIN him and be a part of it.

    1. Beautifully written Blackman. All I can say is "ditto!"

    2. Very good points about Obama - not so much about the other guy. That one who is not hindered by earthly constraints of us mere mortals. We have to assume that He wants or at least is fine with what is happening, because otherwise it would not happen, no?

  4. Thanks for this. This whining is getting ridiculous.

    In response to Michael Tomasky: I'm a Washington liberal, but I'm not a Beltway elite (like most liberals who live in this city). These idiots don't speak for us. They barely speak for those liberal non-Beltway elites who agree with them.

  5. Yeah...

    PM kinda missed bestowing the "genius" term on PBO, didn't he?

    As far as PM goes, for me, he's alright at points. I always raise my eyebrows at someone who HAS to let you know how smart they are by blinding you with lots of European references and big, lonnnnnnnng words.

    The concession was given a while ago regarding the black male and physical prowess. But, intellectual prowess....THAT is one of the last bastions if not THE. I mean, all KINDS of tests have been created to "scientifically and genetically" PROVE that it just AIN'T so.

    Hell, one of THE reasons I like you so much is that you TELL ALL of us you're smart, back it up, make our BRAINS go into over drive working through your points, but our EYES do NOT cross (and I'll venture to say I'll get lots of "AMENS" re: my assessment)trying to figure out what in the world you're saying.

    It's damn disappointing and difficult. A seriously wounded animal will vigorously lash out. But, I'm convinced that these are some of the last days for this crap.

    And, again, SO much why you're needed.

  6. O.K., Sophie, I think you're talking to me. My point, re: God, isn't about God. It's about us. Many, many of us complain about God and ask, even, if God is real. Or, if God is "there". Often it's because of tragedies like what we've, on a national level, just gone through.

    I don't know if He's fine with it or not. What I am more sure of is how many of we humans, when having to contend with pain and difficulty on a large or, sometimes, even a small scale, tend to react when God does not do as we would like or maybe even need.

    Hence, God doesn't know what he's doing either ("they'd" say). For me, I think He does. He's the ULtimate "long gamer". But, I will say that, at any point, I don't get the zigs and zags along the way.

    And, that gets us back to this current, earthly constrained piece.


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