Friday, December 14, 2012

What makes this one different

I'd finally stopped crying when I saw this picture from Newtown. Then the tears started rolling again.

Perhaps you'll think I'm heard-hearted, but one of the things I've wondered throughout the day is why the fact that so many of the victims of this shooting were such small children matters so much (my heart knew the answer to that but my head didn't). After all, isn't all life sacred? Isn't the senseless gunning down of any human being a tragedy?

Of course the answer to those questions is "yes!"

But when I saw this picture I was reminded that most of those killed today were our babies. They are still at that stage in life where it is our job to protect them. When it comes to the 20 who died today...we failed them terribly.

That's what makes this one different. All of the mass shootings we've endured since Columbine have been horrific. This one just goes to a whole other level.

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