Monday, February 18, 2013

My worst nightmare...Clinton II vs Bush III 2016

I have vowed to myself that I will not write about the 2016 presidential race for at least two years. But today I just can't help it.

This week we heard rumors that there are Clinton insiders saying that running in 2016 is a done deal.

And Jeb Bush gave a speech where he certainly sounded like someone who has decided to run.

Personally I can't think of anything that would kill the buzz created by 8 years of President Obama more than to have it followed up by a Clinton II vs Bush III campaign. Been there...done that doesn't even begin to describe it. The whole idea of "going forward" instead of "taking our country back" would be stood on its head.

Please Goddess...don't let that happen.

OK, that's it. I'm done with 2016 and will corral myself back to the present.


  1. It is enough to make a girl take up prayer. By all that is holy, please deliver us from this nightmare. Pretty please?

  2. Oh Lord - a Bush v Clinton race? That's more retro 90's than In Living Colour, an 8-ball jacket and an oversized HBCU hoodie.

  3. If the Dems want to run a woman, Elizabeth Warren would be a much better choice, maybe the best choice of anyone.

    1. Warren would get a good choice in theory - but it could be really risky, she's barely been in DC long enough to find the ladies' room on her own. Yes, Obama started his campaign with little experience in Washington politics as well but frankly, there's only one Obama.

  4. I pray that someone else from both parties get the nomination. I can't take anymore Clinton/Bush. When the pundits talk 2016 I feel like Bill Bixby from that old tv show. Hopefully, they both stay home or get outmaneuvered during the primaries.


  5. If what they're saying is true, and we probably won't have to wait TOO long to find out, you're gonna be writin' about it directly. You'll have no choice. It's not like you're setting the agenda, so don't beat yourself up.

    But, I agree with everybody. eNOUGH of BOTH of those people.

  6. Deliver us from another Clinton/Bush dynasty in the WH. Not trying to invision either of these families anywhere near the White House again.