Thursday, February 14, 2013

Photo of the Day: For better or worse

I just have to say a word about this one. It wasn't taken today, but I can't think of any better picture to highlight on Valentine's Day.

We all know that Gabby has been to hell and back over these last couple of years. What any human being needs for a journey like that is someone to be by their side. Its clear that Mark has been that someone - for better or worse.


  1. I agree that picture represents Love better than any you could have posted. Look how they look at each other through the eyes of love.

  2. This sort of love makes everything else in life secondary. If you have it, you've already won at life. Anything else is just a bonus that you either attain or don't.

    1. See the way he looks at her? I recognize it. He has the sort of love that I described above in his life and she is the vessel that carries it. He would never consider anything other than what he is doing already. No sane person would ever give up something like that sort of love even if it does mean accompanying her through hell to keep it.


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